About Us

We spend one third of our lives in bed. Therefore, the mattress that you sleep on deserves a great deal of your attention. Not getting a good night’s rest will definitely affect the other two thirds of your life.   Let’s make absolutely sure that we are at our best each and every day!

Uninformed salespeople at mattress stores will direct you towards the beds from which they receive their highest commissions and THEY decide what bed is best for you and your family.
Buying a bed is important, and we intend to treat it that way.
 Our purpose at Expandbed.com is to help you find the right mattress for your body and sleeping style.  We have the highest quality mattresses at the lowest prices.
Our American factories specialize in luxury foam mattresses that are compressed, easily delivered and then easily set up so that you can benefit immediately.
Expandbed.com has the highest quality in sleep technology, with the most affordable prices compared to every one of our competitors.  We don’t rely on commissions or expensive advertisements so that we can always pass the savings on to YOU!
For your family’s health and safety please understand that every single mattress made at our American factories, exceed all Federal Safety Guidelines related to purity of materials.  There are no harsh chemicals, acids or ozone depleting materials that make your mattress.  No other mattress company can make these same statements. 
You should expect your mattress purchase to last a minimum of 10 years.
Our goal is that you have a great night’s sleep and that you achieve the proper level of comfort, support and safety each and EVERY night.  Our ten-year full replacement warranty is unsurpassed in the industry. We truly are the one mattress company to trust!
Thanks to EXPANDBED.COM, you will achieve –
“Your best night’s sleep ever.  Enjoy your dreams.”